Bret Hart Releases Statement Over Recent Martha Hart Comments

Bret Hart

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Martha Hart has made the media rounds to promote the Owen Hart episode of Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring that airs on Tuesday night. 

The widow of the legendary pro wrestler did an interview with The Wrap where she made comments about her lawsuit against WWE and how Owen’s brother, Bret Hart, was supportive throughout it. 

She claimed that the issues with her and Bret were due to Bret wanting to have Owen inducted into the Hall of Fame as well as getting his tape library as Bret didn’t have a relationship with WWE at the time. 

“Bret was supportive throughout the lawsuit, but there were a few things that were a problem with Bret,” she said. “First of all, when we were going through the lawsuit, he really was hoping that I would be able to help him get his wrestling footage. Because at the time, he had no relationship with WWE and he was hoping somehow — if we ever had a settlement — that we could work it in.”

“When that didn’t happen, he was very upset that he didn’t get his footage,” Martha — the founder of The Owen Hart Foundation — continued. “It prompted him to befriend Vince [McMahon, the chairman of WWE] again so he could have access to his footage. That was the first fracture in our relationship.”

Bret issued the following statement to the publication: 

“While I am not interested in engaging in any more media mudslinging between Martha and myself especially in light of a global pandemic, I will say that our fallout is multifaceted. To say that it only involved being able to access and use my WWE footage and photos for future projects would merely be an oversimplification and inaccurate. I will not comment any further on the matter.”

You can check out the full interview here.