LuFisto, Jordynne Grace, Kimber Lee And More React To CZW’s Statement Over Rebranding Events With Raunchy Names


Photo Credit: YouTube / LuFisto

Combat Zone Wrestling recently came under fire for allowing their footage to be marketed with titles that resemble soft-core porn videos and the wrestlers featured in the matches aren’t buying the promoter’s excuse either.

LuFisto recently called out CZW for the way they sold off footage to an unnamed distributor who is marketing their ladies’ wrestling events with titles like “Top Heavy & Tough” and “All Assets Revealed.” Since then a number of the ladies that were on the shows in question or have worked for the promotion in the past have taken CZW and owner DJ Hyde to task for selling them out.

CZW issued the following statement last night, essentially telling the public the same thing LuFisto was told about how the distributor can repackage the footage however they please since they own the rights.

“Two years ago, CZW entered into a licensing agreement with a national media distributor to license CZW and WSU footage,” the promotion wrote on Twitter. “That company has the right to utilize the footage without limitation. They have repackaged and renamed shows as it is their right to do so. Our athletes, regardless of gender, are just that, athletes, whom we are proud of and appreciate. We stand behind the ring action in all our footage.”

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As seen in the comments below, many people are still unhappy that CZW refuses to take responsibility for their actions and some of the girls are speaking with lawyers. Kimber Lee and Chrissy Rivera also point out that some of these ladies didn’t sign anything for their likenesses to be used like this, and some even bring up allegations and first-hand accounts about the unprofessional behavior of Hyde.

It didn’t stop with the women, however, as many of the male wrestlers that have worked for CZW in the past called them out for unprofessional behavior as well.