ROH Wrestling Results (5/18/20): A Spotlight On Dalton Castle


Castle recaps his match with RUSH at G1 Supercard, where RUSH easily defeated him. He recaps his grand entrance. Castle recaps his career with Ring of Honor and says his new role is quite different because he has a tag team partner. He says they’re good together and they click.

Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry vs. PJ Black and Brian Johnson vs. Vincent and Bateman vs. Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams (Replayed from ROH Bound by Honor 2020)

Hendry and Black start the match and exchange counters. Williams tags in and grounds Black. Black takes Williams down with an arm drag and tags Johnson. Williams takes Johnson down and tags Haskins. “Overkill” stops on Johnson’s arm and Castle tags in. Castle clotheslines Castle and tags Hendry, who suplexes Johnson. Vincent tags in and drops Haskins with a cutter on the floor. Bateman and Vincent double-team Haskins. Johnson tags in and hits a fist drop on Overkill. Haskins rallies and tags Williams, who rocks Johnson with a hard chop. Williams DDTs Vincent onto the turnbuckle. Haskins rocks Bateman with two kicks and Black dives onto everyone outside the ring. Williams clotheslines Johnson. Castle suplexes Haskins and Williams. The match breaks down into chaos and Hendry slams Black and Williams. Castle hits a Bang-a-Rang on Haskins. A Finishing Move from Castle earns Hendry the win.

Winners: Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry

Castle says his future in Ring of Honor will be fantastic.

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