Reported Style Changes For WWE Talent; Wrestlers Encouraged To Be More Vocal

WWE Talent

Photo Credit: WWE, WWE Logo

It’s being reported that WWE talent has had to adjust a bit of its wrestling style to accomadate for more vocality between talent.

According to Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch in his latest VIP Hotline, a good deal of the talent has had to shift their in-ring style after it is being more than encouraged to “put the bad mouth on each other” during contests to create more of an environment.

“We’re seeing a style change with wrestlers lately. There’s a lot more yelling in the ring. I know from talking to WWE wrestlers that they’re being, not just encouraged, but sort of instructed to ‘put the bad mouth on each other’ as Vince McMahon put it and I’m hearing wrestlers are having some trouble with it. It’s testing their cardio. They’ve gone from having to wrestle and react to a crowd to making a lot of noise while they do it. And wrestlers who are good at making a lot of noise are getting pushes, but then wrestlers who can chain wrestle and mat wrestle like [Matt] Riddle and [Timothy] Thatcher in a match that might seem like it would get a quiet reception from the crowd, they’re now getting opportunities. Now I don’t know where it’s going to lead, if it leads anywhere, but we’ll see.”

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