Otis On His Cash-In: ‘I Promise It’s Gonna Be Sooner Than Later, Baby’

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Otis’ career continues to climb to new heights. The new Mr. Money in the Bank recently spoke with Brian Fritz of Between The Ropes and discussed his victory at WWE Money In The Bank. Here are some highlights.

First, Otis said the win hasn’t sunk in yet. “A a lot of people in this profession, it’s like, we’re on the go so it doesn’t sit in until like you start going, wow, this is real,” said Otis via Fritz. “I got this bad boy. All right. In the game plan for me, it’s just like my personality – the sooner the better, baby so you never know where I’m going to cash it in but baby, I promise it’s gonna be sooner than later, baby. Yeah.”

Then, Otis discussed the planning that went into the memorable Money in the Bank match “There was probably more planning for the food fight because there was so much wet food,” said Otis via Fritz. ” And it was nothing but fun, man. But yeah, I like what we created with the weight room because it’s like, this is legit weights and machines so you can’t just pick something up and just chuck it at a brother. It was definitely interesting, man with Corbin and the big swing of that plate at Daniel, that 45-pound plate with the mirror. That sounded so loud and it was intense.”

Many fans wonder if the wrestlers were worried about breaking anything at WWE Headquarters. Otis said that there wasn’t any pressure. “I think we all have an understanding of whatever could happen could happen,” said Otis via Fritz. “So that was again, back to the risk and the award. We’ll deal with the broken stuff later, I guess. I personally didn’t break anything expensive I believe. The elevator button wasn’t working a lot so I had to basically keep kicking that darn thing to get up. Maybe it was because all you know of the ladies and the men were trying to use the elevator maybe. My only game plan – strategy for my whole life; just keep attacking. I think I’m pretty clean on the material list of the WWE headquarters.”

Finally, Otis reflected on the food fight, where Paul Heyman got covered with food. “He still has a bit of rye bread in his eyelid, for sure,” said Otis via Fritz. “There’s nothing I love more than having a massive plate and shoving into Paul because he started this whole thing in that match. You put a massive, very very full mayonnaise sandwich in my face and I think Paul loves mayonnaise. So yeah, I must have lost my temper a little bit. That’s how he got the whole load in his face, brother.”

The full interview is available here.

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