Dave Bautista Sends Mick Foley His Childhood Lunch Box After ‘Eating His Lunch’ At ‘Step Brothers’ Trivia

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Photo Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Did Mick Foley & Dave Bautista just become best friends? At the very least, the two wrestling legends are exchanging lunch boxes and if you remember your days at the old schoolyard (dated Cat Stevens reference), that’s like the exchange of gold.

With the pandemic going down, the two may not be getting together for any Catalina Wine Mixers, but Foley and Bautista did meet up for a Step Brothers trivia competition. Unfortunately for Mick, Big Dave bested our hardcore friend in knowing the ins-and-outs of the film. The results however, did end up having a silver lining for Mick as it happened to be Bautista playing the role of ol’ St. Nick this time around.

“Dave and I got talking about our nerd hobbies,” Foley began saying in a video on Twitter. “I said Dave was a nerd because he collected old lunch boxes. He claimed it was not a nerd thing but a cool thing and asked me if I ever had a lunch box at school and I said ‘Yes, I went to kindergarten with a Wild Wild West lunch box.’ Well today I just showed up, just minutes ago at my doorstep, opened up a box, boom! There it was (laughs), a gift from The Animal with a really nice card that said welcome back to your childhood, buddy!”

Foley does say the pain may never go away from his Step Brothers loss, but does thank The Animal for relieving a bit of the sting.

“Dave, this is above and beyond, this is the lunch box I went to school with in 1970! 50 years ago! Thank you for helping me remember my childhood and putting a soothing balm on that awful pain you inflicted upon me by besting me in Step Brothers trivia. Have a nice day!”

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