Otis And Braun Strowman Take Down Miz & Morrison

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Although Braun Strowman should be hesitant to trust Mr. Money in the Bank, he and Otis still teamed up tonight to close out Friday Night SmackDown in a tag team match against Miz & Morrison. In the match, Strowman and Otis displayed some great teamwork, taking down their opponents with relative ease.

Despite the fact that Otis and Strowman haven’t worked together that much, the duo still joined up in surprisingly easy fashion. In the match, the pair dominated Miz & Morrison, even getting in a dual worm move it the process. Things ended when Strowman delivered a brutal Powerslam to Morrison for the win. After the victory, Otis and Strowman celebrated in the ring before Mandy Rose came down to join them. In the process, it seemed for a moment that Otis was ready to sneak up and attack Strowman, but quickly stopped when Strowman caught him and chalked it all up to a joke. Despite the hiccup, the two ended up celebrating in the ring, even though it’s likely they won’t be allies for too long.

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