Jon Moxley Explains Why Wrestlers Are Well-Prepared And Can Excel In Movie Roles

Jon Moxley says pro wrestlers tend to excel in acting situations and he can envision more wrestlers jumping into film in the next few years.

Moxley recently spoke with Wrestlezone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard while promoting his new film “Cagefighter: Worlds Collide” which is set to premiere on FITE on Saturday, May 16. Moxley plays Randy Stone in the movie, a story about a “fight between a Pro Wrestling champion and an MMA champion inside a fabled cage of legends.”

The cast features several other big names from professional wrestling and MMA, including WWE’s Christian (Jay Reso) and UFC stars Chuck Liddell, Luke Rockhold and Alex Montagnani. Moxley believes we will see more wrestlers entering the film world due to higher levels of wrestling already giving them plenty of opportunities to practice.

“People in WWE and now AEW—Tanahashi just put out a movie too—it’s a pretty easy jump when you [have that experience]. You cut a promo and another guy comes out and says something back to you, he gets in the ring and you have a match right there and then. At the end of it, someone gets thrown through a table or off the stage, something like that.”

“Wrestling [is relatable to a film role] because you come out and deliver a ‘dialogue’, do a ‘fight scene’ and then a ‘stunt’. Any one of those things would be like a whole day on a movie, but you do all three of those things at one time, in one take on live TV. I think pro wrestlers are very well prepared to jump into that world. Even Chuck [Liddell]—you have Randy Couture who does a lot of movies, and Gina Carano is a big movie star now—athletes and fighters have the work ethic. Some bougie movie star might go to their trailer and not want to be bothered, but athletes like us have that work ethic where we’re used to training so hard and traveling that hanging out on a set or twelve hours doesn’t seem so bad. Me and Chuck Liddell, shooting the crap between takes, what a dream gig. I think that humility that pro wrestlers bring, because our job is so hard, I think we tend to excel in acting situations.”

Names such as Hulk Hogan, John Cena and The Rock are some of the names who have made the successful transition to film, nothing Batista is the latest breakthrough star. He said wrestlers have a work ethic that is unmatched and believes we’ll see more wrestlers making that jump sooner than later.

“If you’re getting a pro wrestler in your cast, you know you’re getting a super hard worker and a guy that can handle anything you throw at them. Especially with Batista being such a huge star now, people are going to be looking to wrestling over the next few years.”

Cagefighter: Worlds Collide premieres on FITE on Saturday, May 16. You can order the movie by clicking the banner below, and check out our full interview with Jon Moxley at the top of this post.

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