WWE NXT Results (5/13/20)

Backstage, Thatcher says he wants to be a tag champ but if it has to be with THAT hot mess (Riddle) it’s not worth it. Riddle walks in and asks Thatcher what the hell. Thatcher and Riddle get into a fight. Officials separate the two men.

Indi Hartwell vs. Tegan Nox

Hartwell takes down Nox. Hartwell trash talks Nox. Hartwell traps Nox in the corner and lays into her with stomp after stomp. Sidewalk slam by Hartwell. Hartwell runs into an elbow by Nox. Nox sends Hartwell to the outside. Hartwell springboards into a chokeslam by Nox. Nox lights Hartwell up with a few chops. Nox hits her cannonball in the corner. Nox blasts Hartwell with the Shiniest Wizard for the win.

Winner- Tegan Nox

Backstage, Rhea Ripley says watching Charlotte Flair walking around with her title sickens her. Io Shirai put up a good fight but she couldn’t get the job done. If Ripley has to beat that message into Shirai, so be it. As a tired old man that Flair knows very well once said, “we’ve only just begun”.

Backstage, Riddle gets Regal to grant him a match tonight against Thatcher. Thatcher attacks Riddle. Thatcher hits Riddle with some equipment.

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