WWE NXT Results (5/13/20)

WWE NXT Results

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WWE NXT Results

May 13, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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NXT Tag Team Championship: Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher vs. IMPERIUM

Thatcher takes Barthel down in an armbar. Barthel tries to escape but Thatcher transitions into a hammerlock. Thatcher puts Barthel in a bow and arrow. Barthel rolls through and rolls into a half mount. Barthel and Thatcher’s legs are intertwined. Thatcher counters into a cross arm breaker. Aichner gets a blind tag. Thatcher hits the ropes and runs into an arm drag by Aichner. Thatcher goes to tag in Riddle but Riddle is fighting Barthel.

Aichner attacks Thatcher from behind. Thatcher tags in Riddle. Riddle puts Aichner in a sleeper. Aichner escapes. Riddle gut wrench suplexes Aichner. Riddle tries a broton but Aichner gets his knees up. Backbreaker by Aichner. After the break, IMPERIUM is taking turns working over Riddle. Riddle monkey flips Barthel but Barthel hits Thatcher in the process. Thatcher falls off the apron. Thatcher gets upset and leaves Riddle all by himself. Riddle fights valiantly but Barthel and Aichner hit the European Bomb for the win.

Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, IMPERIUM!


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