WWE SummerSlam Possibly Moving To Fall, Out Of Boston


The always reliable WrestleVotes on Twitter has chimed in with some additional talk about WWE’s plans for SummerSlam. As previously reported, the city of Boston has already banned mass gathers through Labor Day, meaning that the show’s scheduled launch date is out the window. WWE wants to remain in the city if possible, but the city has made it clear that they aren’t looking to give them an exception to the rules.

Because of the trouble, WWE is reportedly hunting down a new location for the event, likely to be in the south around Florida and Georgia, the temporary home of pro wrestling in these uncertain times. Another option is moving the event past Labor Day into September, which might let them run in Boston but would be confusing at best considering that the name of the PPV is SummerSlam.

Finally, WrestleVotes notes that there’s no word on the scheduled NXT TakeOver event, but that has also become the norm in the past few months. No matter how it shakes out, WWE continues to be flying by the seat of their pants booking a sport in a world that is only just recently receptive to hosting them again.

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