IMPACT Wrestling Results (5/12/20)

Backstage, Rohit Raju says it’s his time. 

Kimber Lee vs. Havok

Lee unloads on Havok but Havok doesn’t budge. Lee tries to run away but Havok grabs her by the hair. Havok tosses Lee all over the ring. Havok misses a splash in the corner. Lee lands a few chops. Havok turns the tables and lands a few chops of her own. Lee tries a ranna but Havok turns it into a powerbomb. Lee kicks out. After the break, Lee is choking Havok in the ropes. Lee locks Havok in a modified tarantula. Lee hits a swanton. Nevaeh is watching from the stage. Havok swing slams Lee. Lee kicks out. Havok notices Nevaeh. Lee decks Havok with a pair of brass knuckles for the win. 

Winner- Kimber Lee

Locker Room Talk

Swinger and Rayne introduce their guest Ken Shamrock. Shamrock refuses to shake Swinger’s hand. Swinger leaves to go get Shamrock a muscle shake just to get the heck out of dodge. Shamrock says Callihan is going to get himself hurt if he keeps getting in his way. With Callihan in the rearview, Shamrock is focused on the IMPACT Championship. Elgin storms in and hits Shamrock with a pipe. Elgin places a chair on Shamrock’s head, then hits that chair with another chair. 

Backstage, Callihan says Elgin has been walking in his shadow for years. Doesn’t matter what Elgin does, he will fail. 

IMPACT Championship #1 Contenders Tournament: Rohit Raju vs. Trey

Raju and Trey trade submission holds. Trey takes Raju over with a rope walk arm drag. Raju floors Trey with a running back elbow. Raju works over Trey in the corner. Trey surprises Raju with a backflip into a head-scissors. Raju bodyslams Trey. Raju steps on Trey’s hand. Raju beats down Trey. Trey surprises Raju with a neck breaker. Raju sets up a suplex. Trey reverses it into a small package for the win. 

Winner- Trey


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