Additional Details On Vince’s Office Cameo During Money In The Bank

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

When it was first announced, WWE having their superstars climb the corporate ladder at Money in the Bank sounded like a dream scenario. It was bringing the famous WWE Super Bowl commercial to life, filled with potentially tantalizing scenarios. One of the most famous rooms in the building is Vince McMahon’s office, a place of business overlooked by a giant Tyrannosaurus skull. While we saw two superstars end up in The Chairman’s private quarters, they didn’t make much of a ruckus, and that’s by design.

Wrestling News is reporting via a source that a more robust brawl was proposed for the office via the WWE writers, but McMahon shot it down himself. He particularly didn’t want any harm to come to his dinosaur bones, which may explain why the skit involved AJ and Daniel treating the boss’s chairs and office with the utmost respect.

In the same report, Wrestling News’s source confirms that Money in the Bank’s surprisingly short length was by design and could be the norm until fans are once again allowed to enter arenas nationwide. Running just under two and a half hours, last night’s PPV only has ECW December to Dismember, In Your House shows, and a few UK exclusives as competition when it comes to PPV brevity.

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