Jericho Vows To Make Pineapple Pete Famous, Aleister Black Tweets From Beyond The Grave

Photo by @WillByington

Jericho Vows To Make Pineapple Pete Famous

If you’ve been watching AEW Dynamite for the last month, you’re familiar with Chris Jericho’s commentary skills and his newfound hatred for one “Pineapple Pete.” Pete is, in actuality, CHIKARA’s Suger Dunkington, who has taken to the indies in recent times as Suge D. He’s been a constant presence on the show during lockdown, and this mini-rivalry will come to a head this week in a singles match between the two.

In a post on Instagram, Chris Jericho stated that he was going to make “Pete” famous after giving him a new gimmick and a “whole new level of notoriety.” Will Suge D break out and earn a more regular spot on AEW’s roster, or will Chris Jericho prove that he’s still the “Best in the World”?

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Aleister Black Tweets From Beyond The Grave

In case you missed it during last night’s Money in the Bank match (and I wouldn’t blame you), Baron Corbin lackadaisically murdered two of his opponents by throwing them off of Titan Tower’s roof. This is the second WWE PPV to end in such a fashion, as WrestleMania 36’s Boneyard match saw the kayfabe death of the Good Brothers and the literal burial of AJ Styles. Much like AJ coming back to RAW with nary a scratch, Aleister Black is already communicating with his fans, finding a phone with Twitter installed in the afterlife and offering a spiritual selfie.

As for Corbin, AJ Styles is reporting via social media that he’s now running from the law for his double homicide.

One wonders if the King can use his diplomatic immunity to get out of any charges, but the Florida police may not honor his jurisdiction. In any case, I’m sure both of these intricate storylines will be followed up on in this week’s WWE programming.