Asuka Wins Unprecedented Women’s Money In The Bank Match

Photo Credit: WWE

At WWE Money in the Bank, six women faced off in an unprecedented Money in the Bank match. They began at the lobby of WWE Headquarters, and they had to find their way to the roof. There, they would fight to retrieve the Money in the Bank briefcase. Asuka, Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans and Carmella were the participants. The women’s Money in the Bank match started in the lobby. Asuka dove off a platform onto her opponents. She ran to the elevator and escaped. Everyone chased after her.

The participants continued their ascent and ran into the men’s competitors. Jax slammed Carmella through a door. Baszler squared off with Jax. Brooke hit Jax with a chair and dropped her. Brooke got a briefcase full of cash, and Stephanie McMahon reminded her she had the wrong briefcase. Carmella hit Brooke with a poster of herself but she walked into a Woman’s Right. The men’s and women’s matches met in front of Paul Heyman in the catering area. Otis fueled up and started shaking. He shouted, “Food fight,” and threw a plate at Heyman. Everyone started throwing food at each other.

Baszler tried to choke out Rey Mysterio. Jax threw Brooke into a vending machine. She then powerbombed Carmella through a table. Otis faced off with Jax, and she backed away from him. The other competitions caught up with Asuka, and she ran away. Jax slammed Baszler into a wall.

Asuka and Jax made it to the roof, where a ring waited for them. Evans took Asuka down but she got slammed by Jax. Asuka stopped Jax from climbing a ladder. Evans rocked Jax with a Woman’s Right. Asuka rammed a ladder into Jax’s head. Evans climbed the ladder, but Asuka knocked her off. Asuka unhooked the case to win the match.

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