Otis Wins Men’s Money In The Bank Match

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

At WWE Money in the Bank, six women faced off in an unprecedented Money in the Bank match. They began at the lobby of WWE Headquarters, and they had to find their way to the roof. There, they would fight to retrieve the Money in the Bank briefcase. The Men’s Money in the Bank match started in a gym. Everyone brawled around the gym and used the equipment as their weapons. Corbin broke a mirror, which hinted at some bad luck. He threw Bryan into a bench. Otis dropped a heavy bar on Styles, and everyone abandoned him. The men ran through the halls. Rey Mysterio ran into Brother Love in the bathroom. Otis, Corbin, Black and Bryan escaped in an elevator. The men met the participants in the women’s match.

Otis tried to start a “Yes!” chant with Bryan but he ate some kicks. Doink the Clown popped up behind a chair. Styles talked to a mural of Mysterio and punched the wall. Styles tried to hunt down Mysterio but he was scared by a poster of The Undertaker. The Phenomenal One entered a dark room and heard The Undertaker’s gong. He had flashbacks of the Boneyard Match and Black kicked him into the room. Black locked him in there.

The men’s and women’s matches met in front of Paul Heyman in the catering area. Otis fueled up and started shaking. He shouted, “Food fight,” and threw a plate at Heyman. Everyone started throwing food at each other.

Shayna Baszler tried to choke out Mysterio. Otis faced off with Nia Jax, and she backed away from him. He then found the cafeteria and wanted to eat some pie. But John Laurinaitis showed up and Otis pied him in the face. Styles and Bryan brawled into Vince McMahon’s office and he kicked them out. McMahon then used some hand sanitizer.

Corbin threw Bryan onto a conference table. Corbin made it to the roof, where the women competitors had been fighting for a few minutes. Asuka knocked him off the ladder. Otis made it to the roof, all on his own. He hesitated to climb, and Corbin stopped him. Corbin hit him with a ladder. Otis hit the Caterpillar  but he ate a Black Mass. Mysterio and Black battled over a ladder. They fought at the top, and Styles tipped the ladder over. Corbin threw Mysterio and Black off the roof and onto a platform below. Styles and Bryan climbed the ladder but Corbin and Otis stopped them. Styles dropped Otis with a Phenomenal Forearm. Corbin and Styles climbed the ladder and battled at the top. Styles unhooked the case and battled with Corbin over it. Elias attacked Corbin, and the case fell into Otis’ hands, so Otis won the match.

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