Ted DiBiase Lists Mansion For Sale Amidst Auditing Scandal

ted dibiase

Photo Credit: Getty Images

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase recently listed his mansion in Madison, MS, on the market. According to a recent listing from Realtor, DiBiase is seeking $1,575,000 for the home. This comes at the same time that a recent auditing scandal has surrounded DiBiase.

Recently, DiBiase and his family were named in a report by the Mississippi auditor’s office as recipients of anti-poverty funding that were allegedly misspent on things not related to the poor. After becoming a legendary figure in the world of wrestling, DiBiase retired and became an ordained minister, eventually forming a nonprofit called Heart of David Ministry in Mississippi.

It’s the organization that has recently come under fire, as it reportedly received over $2 million in federal anti-poverty funds that are intended to go towards assisting needy families. Instead, the funds were paid for work that ended up doing “little or nothing to help the poor,” according to a report from the state’s audit. While it remains to be seen whether or not DiBiase will suffer any consequences from the report, the fact that he’s listing a home for sale may indicate something.

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