Collector’s Corner: FOCO WWE Ultimate Warrior Bobblehead In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this installment of Collector’s Corner we take an early look at the new, upcoming Ultimate Warrior Bobblehead from FOCO. This is slated to release in June 2020 and you can currently pre-order him here where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG10 at checkout!

Warrior roundtable

The Packaging

Normally this would come in the typical FOCO WWE Bobblehead packaging with the white box with the black/red color scheme as seen with several of the other bobbleheads we’ve reviewed on here. On the box is usually an image of the actual bobblehead and an image of the wrestler. Within the package the bobblehead is packed in thick styrofoam. The figurine and stand are then wrapped in a plastic bag as well as have foam cushioning where appropriate, such as under the head around the neck to prevent damage.

Unfortunately since this is an early production sample we were not provided with a box as it doesn’t officially release until June as mentioned.

The Figurine

The Warrior figurine, aka the bobblehead itself, is probably one of my favorites they’ve produced so far. It is very colorful and the sculpt looks great. His head sculpt has his mullet hairstyle with the hair slicked back. He’s sporting his green, white and black face paint and is yelling in typical Warrior fashion.

His torso is jacked to the max as he flexes his muscles with his tassels gripping his biceps. His wrist gauntlets also hugging his wrists as he clenches his fists in anger. His trunks have a neat gradient style paint application from blue to white with his Warrior logo over it. Not to mention his knee pads in similar fashion with tassels hanging down and his yellow and black boots with tassels hanging as well as his logo on his feet. Warrior also has a screw in his foot as well to fasten him securely to the stand.

The Stand

Warrior’s display stand is similar to the others in the set where it looks a bit like an old WCW Nitro type stage. The top features stage lights and the modern WWE logo. Still wish they put the Classic logo for these guys but regardless it looks nice. The front of the stand features ‘Ultimate Warrior’ text and a graphic of him running. The trim around the front of the stand has mini Warrior logos as well and the ramp, vibrant and orange, features the Ultimate Warrior text logo, too. The back of the stand also features ‘Ultimate Warrior’ text and a graphic of him with his arms up in victory.


Overall this bobblehead is awesome. The detail on it is really well done and it’s just a very vibrant, artists looking piece. The colors really pop, as did Warrior’s attires and personality, making this a really great addition to your wrestling collection. Whether you’re a fan of Warrior or not I highly recommend this one as FOCO knocked it out of the park in my opinion. Definitely one of their best honestly.

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