Mance Warner On The Three Legends He’d Like To Crack A Beer With

Mance Warner

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

If you’ve been keeping updated on MLW, you know that Mance Warner is a man of the people. Mance has been embroiled in one hell of a feud with The Dynasty as the faction attacked his Uncle Moon Man months back. Just last month however, Mance removed a key member of the group in MJF as he defeated Friedman in a “Loser Leaves MLW” match. This leads up to now in which he’s been battling Alexander Hammerstone quite a bit out of the ring, which is sure to lead to a MLW National Openweight Title challenge down the line.

The Bucksnort Brawler was on an episode of Conversations With Love with Spencer Love and was asked what legends he would have loved to crack open a couple of light beers with.

“I’m gonna pick two, though. I’m gonna pick Dusty Rhodes and Terry Funk would be the two I would wanna sit down and drink with. Currently, I’m gonna say Stone Cold, because he, maybe we get him one more match at some point, but I would like to sit down with him.”

Mance, being a man of the people however, certainly enjoys drinking with the fans.

“Another guy that I’ve drank with – I’m trying to think of the most oddball one I could think of. I drink with a lot of people, man! It’s hard to think of just one. Like I said, usually after shows I go out in the parking lot and drink beers with fans, they bring beers (and) it’s a good time. I’ll just say all the fans, man. I like sitting out there, bulls**ting, drinking a beer and talking about life.”

In another piece with Spencer, Mance talks about getting compared to some legends of the squared circle:

“The way Ol’ Mancer looks at is is, we all get into pro wrestling, even maybe you’re just a fan. Maybe you want to become a writer (in) pro wrestling. Maybe you want to be a camera guy. Maybe you want to be a talent. Whatever it may be, we all get into it for a certain reason, right? We can all remember at some point when we were kids the things we loved about pro wrestling. For me, it was Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Macho Man, Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Jake the Snake, all these guys that you could sit there and listen to them, and you forget you’re even watching wrestling. You’re just listening to someone tell a story about how he is gonna beat someone’s ass or whatever it may be.

“You can’t ever forget that once you’re into pro wrestling, because that’s the stuff – I didn’t get into pro wrestling to do cool moves. I got into pro wrestling because I like fighting people anywhere I go, and I like telling stories. So, if I can sit down and talk to you and pay attention without even doing anything, right there, here we go baby. It’s that thing of it’s not relying on, because I think the way you worded it was relying on something the past, you’ve got to remember how it all got to this point. So, while other guys are trying to do the craziest thing over here, I’m gonna be over here dancing in the circle doing everything. It’s just kind of take your own spin on it, and then beat the hell out of people and tell some stories in between.”

(Transcription credit should go to Spencer Love of the WCSN)

To hear Love’s exclusive conversation with Mance Warner, give a listen to it below, baby:

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