Colby Covington Unsure WWE Would Sanction A Match With Drew McIntyre, Says He’d Put The Champ On His Back

Colby Covington has not been shy about wanting to face off with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, but he’s preparing for a fight, not a match.

Covington was a guest on this week’s new episode of The Pat Buck Show and he talked to Buck and co-host Kevin ‘KM’ Matthews about his potential jump into the world of professional wrestling. Covington has often talked about wanting to get into the squared circle to ‘Make Wrestling Great Again’ and recently said he was targeting McIntyre because he’s shooting for the top of the mountain. While they’ve mainly gone back and forth with some Twitter trash talk, Covington continues to push for a fight with McIntyre because of the unique matchup it presents—and because no one wants to fight him in MMA.

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“I’m begging to fight. I’m ready to fight next weekend, next month, but no one wants to fight. If no one wants to fight [in MMA] I figured I would pick a fight with the biggest and baddest man in the world right now, Drew McIntyre. He’s ‘Goliath’ and I think it’s a perfect fight and matchup. It’s David versus Goliath.

“Let me make something clear—I say ‘fight him’ because I originally expressed my interest to come over to WWE and pro wrestling to wrestle him but he threw that all out the window. He didn’t want a wrestling match, he wants a fight, so I don’t know if the WWE is going to want the blood on their hands and don’t know if they’re going to want to sanction this. If they don’t want to sanction it let’s go do it in his home country of Europe or Saudi [Arabia] and let’s get this fight going, man.

He called me out and said some things that don’t sit well with me. Everybody knows how big my heart is, how my cardio is—I’m going to find a way to beat him up. Yeah he’s big, he’s scary, but he’s not going to be that big when he’s on his back. I’m a national championship wrestler and he will be on his back, he won’t be seven feet tall when he’s on his back.”

Buck followed up by pitching a hypothetical situation where Covington beat McIntyre and became WWE Champion, and asked if he could take on that responsibility. Covington said he knows he can take that on and the schedule is tough, but he’s trained enough and he’s prepared for a hard job.

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