CM Punk Not Amused By WWE’s Latest Hacker Theory, AJ Styles Has Unfinished Business

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Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

CM Punk Not Amused By WWE’s Latest Hacker Theory

Certain strains of the wrestling world lit up with delight and nostalgic hope when WWE on FOX tweeted a video posted by the SmackDown hacker alongside a quote that CM Punk made famous. In fact, everyone was seemingly amused but the Second City Saint himself, who posted an appropriate facepalm GIF below the message.

While it’s almost 100% likely that Punk still wants nothing to do with WWE and in-ring competition, it’s clear that the want is still there should he ever change his mind.

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AJ Styles Has Unfinished Business

Speaking of wrestling returns, former dead man AJ Styles returned from beyond the grave this past week on RAW, shaking off the Undertaker’s burial like a slap from Jenna Morasca. Styles sat down on The Bump earlier today, saying that he still has unfinished business with the Dead Man despite his pursuit of the Money in the Bank briefcase this Sunday.

If there’s ever a chance to get my hands on The Undertaker, I would gladly take him out. No problem.

He also talked about how unique the Boneyard Match ended up, saying that both competitors got to show a unique side to their characters. AJ ha a chance to wow audiences in another cinematic encounter this week as he climbs the corporate ladder at Money in the Bank.