Diamond Dallas Page Offering A Special Discount On DDPY App To All Healthcare Workers

Diamond Dallas Page

(Photo: Dominic DeAngelo)

So many of the people in the healthcare industry are putting their lives on the line daily as they face the COVID-19 pandemic head on and Diamond Dallas Page found a way to give back to the nurses, doctors and first-responders as they make sure our world stays as safe as possible.

DDP is offering his DDPY app to all medical industry workers free for 30 days and then with a special discount on the program going forward:

“In this difficult time, DDPYoga is giving back to those that are on the Covid-19 front lines. We are offering 30 days free on our DDPYoga Now! App as well as a reduced monthly rate thereafter. This offer is only available to Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, X-Ray Technicians, LPN, CPN, Paramedic and other workers in the medical industry,” states the DDPY website.

If you happen to be in the medical field and are interested in trying out the DDPY program, you can do so by following the link and filling out the special form here.

DDP was recently on Anderson Cooper to discuss his gameplan for the DDPY Performance Center in the Altanta, GA area as the state went forth with a plan to reopen it’s economy. DDP gives some major insight on the segment which you can see below:

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