Zicky Dice On Getting Noticed, Challenging For The NWA Worlds Championship

Photo Credit: ZickyDice.com

Zicky Dice recently appeared on The Chris Van Vliet Show and discusses several topics, ranging from winning the NWA World Television Championship to trying out for WWE Tough Enough and more. Here are some highlights.

On how he got noticed by NWA: 

Dice: “Zicky was supposed to be in Florida on November 3, right? It fell through, it didn’t work out. So I contacted Johnny Yuma, who was working at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood at the time, who had reached out to me prior, and I said, ‘Hey Yuma, you got a spot for old Dice, man? He said the show’s full and I said, ‘Baloney.’ He said, ‘I’ll squeeze you in, come on down.’ So I hopped in the Carlo, my NorCal Carlo and it’s a six hour trip there, six hour trip home and, actually, in the car ride, we were all kind of beaten up, we were all burnt out, we were talking about what could we do next, you know, what could we do to be discovere. And, lo and behold, show up at Championship Wrestling for Hollywood, I’d been working there for, off and on, for about three years, never once, not once, cut a promo there. That day I showed up early and they said, ‘Zicky get dressed, it’s time to talk.’ And I knew that, when it was my time, I was gonna do what Zicky does best and that’s run this mouth, so I went out there, Chris, and I’m not lying to you, I wish I could find the footage so we could play it right here, I said six words and I was immediately pulled back by Billy Trask, who was a producer at Hollywood and now is a producer at NWA. And he went like this to me, pulled me around a corner and there I saw David Lagana and Billy Corgan himself, and Billy sticks his hand out, and he says, ‘Woah look at you, look at your hair, look at your fanny pack, look at your earring, and he said, ‘What are you doing December 14?’ And I sat there and, in my head, I was like, ‘That date sounds familiar, me and the fiancé just planned a snow trip.’ I said, ‘Billy, nothing, I’m absolutely free.’ He said, ‘Well, how would you like to work for me and the NWA?’ I said, ‘Billy I would love that.’ And he’s like, ‘Ok, Lagana will reach out on Monday.’ So I called her and I said, ‘Babes, no trip, it’s cancelled. Daddy’s going to NWA.’ And the rest is history.”

On whether he’s ready to challenge for the Ten Pounds of Gold:

Dice: “Wrong, ten pounds of pink. Cuz you know what I’m gonna do as soon as I win that title, Chris? I’m gonna dip it in pink paint and pink glitter and I’m going to piss off all of you watching right now. And you know what? Someone said yesterday something to Aldis online, ‘Are you worried about Zicky Dice?’ and he said, ‘Oh, day whatever of quarantine, you might be losing your mind or are you going delirious?’ Nick, Nick, Nick, I am seven wins away from taking that championship off your hands. I would have taken it off Marty Scurll’s hands because you are looking at the future of professional wrestling right now. I am the, like I said earlier in the intro, most talked about professional wrestler ever right now, so you know what? I want to prove to the world I’m a fighting champion, so here’s what I’ll do. Maybe I will get all seven victories in one night. Right when Powerrr comes back, I’m gonna say, ‘Hey, let me defend my title seven times in a row, I will personally find the seven top talents around this world and I will defend for every single one of you.’ And then I’ll get Nick Aldis involved, and he’ll say a lot of big words that I don’t understand. I don’t read books, Nick Aldis. I don’t need books, Nick Aldis but beware because I’m seven wins away, and you know what? I haven’t even cheated yet.”

The full episode is available here:

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