AEW Holding Special Cody Interview, Bray Wyatt Exchanges Tweets With Derek Carr

cody rhodes

Photo Credit: Getty Images

AEW Holding Special Cody Interview

AEW has announced that they will hold a special interview with Cody Rhodes tonight at 6pm on all of their social media platforms.

Cody will sit down with Tony Schiavone and likely delve into his upcoming TNT Championship match with Lance Archer set for Double or Nothing on May 23.

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Bray Wyatt Exchanges Tweets With Derek Carr

Bray Wyatt and Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr had a fun exchange of words on Twitter this weekend that started when Derek Carr posted his top 5 list of WWE Superstars, excluding Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt said “Bruh” when he realized he was excluded to which Derek Carr replied that he admittedly quit watching awhile ago in the ‘Husky Harris’ days. Bray replied asking who Husky Harris was and then proceeded to post a list of the best Raiders QB’s off all time.

At a high troll level, Wyatt listed Marcus Mariota who was just recently signed by Las Vegas and has never taken a snap for the team, along with Jamarcus Russell who was seen as one of the biggest flops in NFL history.

Derek replied back to Wyatt, “Ahh I see your point. Although I will make it through. My apologies. I didn’t know I was talking with a member of #RaiderNation. Raiders go first.” You can see the tweet interaction below.