Tony Khan Explains His Role In AEW, Says He Writes Shows And Approves Segments

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Tony Khan is the current President of All Elite Wrestling, but what he does in his role as President has been a bit murky. Taking to social media, Khan explained his position and what he does to a group of curious fans.

Replying to an initial tweet from Dave Meltzer that explained Khan was a booker. Khan explained that he wasn’t simply an executive producer, saying that he wrote shows, laid out a large percentage of the stories in All Elite Wrestling, and also was responsible for approving “any and every segment that goes on air.”

Khan then replied to another tweet asking whether or not he’s been behind everything the whole time, to which Khan confirmed he was. He also noted that “a lot of reflection” had been done over the holidays going into 2020 that led to a “better organized process.” From the looks of it, Khan has been behind a ton of work at All Elite Wrestling, and continues to work to create a better storytelling environment for the company.

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