Terry Crews Talks With Titus O’Neil About His T-Money Days In WCW And President Camacho

terry crews

Photo Credit: Getty Images

WWE just released a video of Titus O’Neil doing a video interview with actor Terry Crews as the two catch up on Terry’s wrestling fandom and his short co-venture stint between he and WCW as T-Money.

He reflects with Titus on that time, stating that he was all in on the character so much that it would have people fooled as to it legitimately being how he actually was as a person. He then discusses the wrestling connection that he made portraying the character of President Camacho in Mike Judge’s 2006 film Idiocracy. Crews says that he auditioned for the role 10 times and what hit it out of the park for him was when he blended pro wrestler with preacher. You can watch the entire 11-minute chat below:

WWE’s Titus O’Neil interviews actor Terry Crews about his sports-entertainment fandom, his foray into WCW while on Battle Dome, his role in the new Netflix animated movie “The Willoughbys” and more.