Natalya Hopes Dana Brooke Takes The Briefcase At This Year’s Money In The Bank

dana brooke

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

During her regular column for the Calgary Sun, Nattie Neidhart broke down the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match in all its details. She uses her experience competing in four of the bouts to showcases how hard it can be to overcome your opponents and reach for the briefcase. After giving a brief rundown of the women’s history with the stipulation, she gives her pick for this year’s winner, and it’s one you may not expect. Unless you read the headline already. Anyway:

If I was being asked to choose which woman I’d want to win this year’s Money in the Bank ladder match, I’m going to have to go with Dana Brooke. Dana has shown so much heart, perseverance and such an amazing attitude for years climbing up the ranks in WWE. Dana hasn’t taken “no” for an answer in fighting for her dreams. To see her grab the briefcase amongst some of the toughest women in WWE and then cash in and win a WWE Women’s Championship, would be nothing short of amazing.

Brooke could certainly use a few moments to add to her career in the company. Outside of lucrative partnerships with Emma and Titus Worldwide, she hasn’t made that much of a splash in the ring. Considering the field, it’s certainly a longshot, but I personally share Natalya’s desire to see this underdog rise above expectations.

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