Kofi Kingston: Brock Lesnar Doesn’t Get Enough Credit For His ‘Awesome’ Wrestling Mind

brock lesnar

Photo credit: FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images

Kofi Kingston has nothing but respect for Brock Lesnar and says he’s under-appreciated for his wrestling mind.

“You see Brock Lesnar on TV and you obviously see ‘the Beast,'” says Kingston. “You see a man that is physically daunting but he has an awesome mind for the business and I feel he’ll never get that credit he deserves for that.”

Kingston explains that Lesnar has a big role in his matches and that he has an intelligent wrestling mind that understands how to build programs for business. “If Brock and I had more of a match at the debut of SmackDown on Fox then the moment at the Rumble, people wouldn’t have gotten up as much as they did for it. It was great, it was a great piece of the story and having myself in there. There comes my partner and Rey, who had history with Brock and his son, there were a lot of great storytelling coming together. Everything is important.”

The former WWE Champion reveals that Lesnar put together the first half of the Rumble and that he made Drew McIntyre a star at WrestleMania 36.

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