Drake Maverick Keeps WWE Dreams Alive, Beats Tony Nese

Drake Maverick

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Despite being released from WWE earlier this month, Drake Maverick refuses to give up just yet. During another Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Match, Maverick took down Tony Nese to notch his first win the tournament.

The win means that Maverick will fight for at least another week, and following the match, he was very excited by the thought. Dubbing himself the “Wolf of Wallstreet” of NXT, Maverick said that he wasn’t going anywhere, and wouldn’t leave until he was crowned as the next NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

For a recap of how the match ended, check out below:

Nese pounds on Maverick in the corner. Nese stuns Maverick on the top rope. After the break, Nese stomps on Maverick. Maverick fires up. Nese slams Maverick into the corner. Maverick dropkicks Nese into the corner. Maverick lands a second rope dropkick. Nese escapes Maverick’s Sliced Bread #2 attempt. Nese suplexes Maverick into the corner. Nese trash talks Maverick. Maverick avoids Running Nese. Maverick lands the Acid Drop. Nese kicks out. Maverick misses a diving elbow and injures his elbow in the process. Nese goes up top. Maverick cuts Nese off. Maverick lands a wheelbarrow bulldog off the top for the win!

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