IMPACT Wrestling: Rebellion Night Two Results (4/28/20)

Joseph P. Ryan vs. Cousin Jake

Ryan pushes Jake. Jake pushes Ryan into the corner. The referee forces a clean break. Ryan lands a few strikes. Jake body blocks Ryan. Ryan tosses Jake into the corner. Ryan works over Jake’s arm. Jake surprises Ryan with a belly-to-back suplex. Jake clotheslines Ryan over the top rope. Jake hits a dive. Jake picks Ryan off the mat and hits a powerbomb. Jake kicks out of the move sweet tooth music. Ryan rolls up Jake and grabs the rope to get the cheap win.

Winner- Joseph P. Ryan

Rosemary is at the bar. Taya Valkyrie face times her to complain. Rosemary says she isn’t interested in Havok. That is the past. Rosemary tries to goad Valkyrie into taking the match. Valkyrie says when Rosemary wins, she will take her to Vegas so Rosemary can feast on all the lost souls. Rosemary agrees. 

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