IMPACT Wrestling: Rebellion Night Two Results (4/28/20)

IMPACT Wrestling: Rebellion Night Two Results

April 28, 2020

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Chris Bey vs. Suicide vs. Rohit Raju vs. Trey

After a series of counters, all four men grab a waist locks. Trey and Suicide escape. Bey dropkicks Suicide. Trey is tossed out of the ring by Raju. Raju and Bey take turns stomping Suicide. Suicide puts Trey and Bey in a double octopus. Raju breaks up both holds. Suicide takes Bey over with a Ranna. Atomic buster by Suicide to Raju. Trey matrixes under a clothesline by Suicide. Trey hits a neck breaker DDT on Suicide and Raju.

Bey takes Trey over the top rope with a head-scissors. Trey lands on Suicide. Bey sends Raju out of the ring with a\ dropkick. Bey accidentally suicide dives into Raju after Suicide moves out of the way. Suicide hits a cannonball off the apron. Trey does a senton over the top, wiping out everyone. Trey hits a backflip into a double stomp to Bey. Bey kicks out. Trey hits a double 619 on Suicide and Raju. Trey hits a Meteora off the top on Suicide. Raju pushes Trey out of the ring to try to steal the pin. Bey hits a scorpion kick on Raju for the win. 

Winner- Chris Bey

During an interview with Josh Matthews, Tessa Blanchard says she is crushed that she can’t be at the show. She is going to refocus and be back stronger than ever. As far as what Elgin said, Blanchard wants to shut Elgin up. Unless Elgin is willing to fly to Mexico, that isn’t happening. 

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