Apollo Crews Injures His Knee, Andrade Retains United States Championship


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

This week on WWE RAW, Apollo Crews pinned Andrade in a six-man tag team match. After a backstage confrontation, Crews challenged Andrade to a match for his WWE United States Championship. The competitors were evenly matched early on, so the match was a stalemate. Andrade grounded Crews with some stomps and took control of the match. Andrade rocked Crews with a dropkick. But Crews sent Andrade crashing to the floor. Andrade countered a springboard dive and Crews tweaked his knee. The champion firmly controlled the match but Crews rallied. He hit a standing Moonsault for a two count. Andrade drilled Crews with double knees in the corner. The champion dropped Crews with a DDT but Crews countered the Hammerlock DDT. Crews rocked Andrade with a kick and slammed him. Andrade countered a splash and Crews landed on his injured knee. The referee ruled that Crews was unable to continue and awarded the match to Andrade.

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