WWE Selling Authentic Dirt From WrestleMania’s Boneyard Match

the undertaker firefly funhouse

Photo Credit: WWE Network

The history of WWE Shop is full of unique purchasing opportunities. Entire wrestling columns have been devoted to this very fact, continuing to this day. Well, in a few years’ time, you can expect this very picture to be on those very websites. WWE is pleased to offer plaques with official dirt from the official Boneyard Match, which officially debuted at WrestleMania 36.

For only $75, you too can take solace in the fact that you own dirt once adjacent to the final resting place of AJ Styles. Perhaps it was dirt stepped on by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in their last WWE appearance! Maybe it was dirt that the Undertaker drove over as he summoned Metallica music with his fist! Whatever the case, you can hang dirt on your wall in a frame and know that you make good life choices. It’s good dirt, pal.

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