Joe Exotic’s Zoo Thought Carole Baskin Hired ROH Wrestlers To Spy For Her

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR/Ian Storck

Joe Exotic has become remarkably popular due to the Tiger King Netflix series. We’ve already covered some of Exotic’s connections to professional wrestling. Now, another link has been revealed.

Ring Of Honor star Matt Taven was a recent guest on ESPN West Palm and told a story about how the zoo thought Jay Lethal, Dalton Castle and himself had been hired by Carole Baskin.

“So I watched Tiger King like everybody else. So funny story, me, Jay Lethal, Dalton Castle actually went to Joe Exotic’s zoo. Yeah, we did. We had a show in Texas and the next day we were in Oklahoma City. On that drive you see nothing but billboards saying “240 exotic tigers” and then all of a sudden you see a billboard with Joe Exotic on it and you’re like “I’m sold, I need to see what this place is all about.” So we went and we had no idea at the time, and I kind of found out after listening to a podcast before Tiger King, they got really weird when Jay Lethal told them he was from Tampa when they asked where we were all from. Because that ends up being where Big Cat Rescue and Carole Baskin is from. So they thought we were some sort of spies instead of some random guys walking in without a family like everybody else to this tiger zoo. So they thought we were some sort of animal activist or spy. I think after they saw our reaction to “woah woah, we’re just here to see some tigers” they realized that we had no other intention besides exactly that.”

The full interview is available at this link.

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