Original Plan For Sarah Logan On RAW, New ‘WWE Untold’ Coming

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Original Plan For Sarah Logan On RAW

Sarah Logan currently sits in the same boat as fellow superstar Drake Maverick, both were released from WWE last week but can still technically be used by WWE on an as-needed basis.

Logan is still being paid for the next 90 days with a non-compete clause activated. As we reported a few days ago, Logan was originally written into the RAW script this week but she was taken out last minute.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the original plan for Sarah Logan was to pair her up with The Viking Raiders. Logan’s real life husband is Erik who is one half of the team. It’s unclear if this idea has been completely scrapped or just put on hold for now.

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New ‘WWE Untold’ Episode Coming To WWE Network

‘WWE Untold’ is scheduled to return to the WWE Network soon and the newest episode will feature Triple H and his rivalry with Mick Foley. The following is the official description for the upcoming episode: “At the dawn of the new millennium, a pair of brutal bouts against Cactus Jack and a game-changing interview propelled Triple H to the top of WWE. He, along with Mick Foley and others, look back at the untold stories behind the rise of The Game.”

The episode is scheduled to air next Sunday, May 3.