Original Allotted Time For Triple H Celebration, Reason For Vince McMahon’s Behavior

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Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage

There are some new reports out this weekend on the Triple H 25th Anniversary Celebration segment that took place to end WWE SmackDown this week.

Fightful is reporting that the original script only allotted 10 minutes to the final segment but after they finished filming it, the duration was closer to 20 minutes. The good news for WWE is that most of the show was already filmed so they had time to go back and re-edit the show to their liking so the entire segment would fit.

WrestleVotes on the other hand has provided some additional information on why Vince McMahon has been acting the way he has recently. Vince McMahon threw around random topics and generally didn’t make any sense in what looked to be an improvised and sloppy promo. The report cites a closed source in WWE that said Vince is at a stage where he just doesn’t seem to care about things.

A series of events including the collapse of the XFL, WrestleMania being contested with no fans, and everything COVID-19 related that forced WWE off the road and turned everything upside down. The source ended by saying this new “Screw it Vince” might have more things in store for fans.

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