No Way Jose Puts Out ‘I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fired’ Shirt After WWE Release

no way jose

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Recently released WWE superstar No Way Jose has released a brand new t-shirt that takes a not so subtle jab at WWE over on Pro Wrestling Tees.

The t-shirt, which reads “I’m just here…so I won’t get fired!” – a play on Marshawn Lynch’s infamous quote from the Super Bowl a few years back – features No Way Jose taking a selfie with a mask on, while he stands in what looks to be an airport train. On the lower corner of the picture is a map, with an arrow drawn from Seattle to Florida.

The shirt is a fairly obvious reference to the many trips that WWE superstars are taking to Florida, where the WWE Performance Center is. No Way Jose was one of the many superstars who traveled to Florida, as he even made a handful of appearances on Monday Night RAW during the recent empty arena shows. From the looks of it, he’s at least trying to make some money and get a good deal of publicity out of his recent release.

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