Mojo Rawley Reacts To Gronk’s NFL Return, WWE Hacker Gets Twitter Account

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Mojo Rawley Reacts To Gronk’s NFL Return

Rob Gronkowski recently made his way back to the world of the NFL, and his friend in the business, Mojo Rawley, took to social media to “congratulate” him. However, Rawley also hasn’t forgotten the time that Gronkowski took the WWE 24/7 Championship from him, and has said that he plans on getting his payback during training camp or even a Buccaneers game.

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WWE Hacker Gets Twitter Account

The mysterious hacker that has plagued WWE throughout the past few months has finally joined Twitter. Nicknamed “The Message,” the man took to Twitter to share a quick video with the many who are wondering about him, telling their audience that the truth will be set free eventually.