ROH Wrestling Results (4/20/20): A Spotlight On Matt Taven

Taven, in an interview, recaps some of his other memorable matches, including his bout with Ultimo Guerrero.

Matt Taven (with TK O’Ryan) vs. Ultimo Guerrero (Replayed From ROH Wrestling #354)

Taven and Guerrero lock up and exchange technical holds. Taven drops Guerrero with a stiff punch and stomps him in the corner. O’Ryan chokes Guerrero when the referee turns his back. Guerrero sends Taven to the floor with a kick and throws him into the first row. Guerrero dives onto O’Ryan outside the ring. Taven grounds Guerrero and sends him to the outside with a springboard kick. He dives over the ropes and lands on O’Ryan. Guerrero runs and jumps onto a seated Taven and O’Ryan. He chops Taven repeatedly. Guerrero sends Taven crashing to the mat with a modified suplex off the top. He gets a near fall after a modified senton. Taven counters a piledriver and rocks Guerrero with a stiff knee in the face. He gets a two count after a springboard moonsault. Guerrero hits a powerbomb off the top for a two count. A springboard kick floors Guerrero.  Vincent Marseglia and TK O’Ryan distract Guerrero, which allows Taven to pin Guerrero with a Climax.

Winner: Matt Taven

In an interview, Taven says his  story is far from over. The interview is interrupted a recorded message from Vincent, who recaps how he defeated Taven last year.

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