The Young Bucks Explode In Falls Count Anywhere Clash On 200th Being The Elite

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

On the special 200th episode of Being The Elite, Young Bucks Matt and Nick Jackson collided in a backyard Falls Count Anywhere brawl. The two AEW stars did what they do best in a match filled with superkicks and references to wrestling history. Barbershop windows, golf carts, and at least one flip into a swimming pool later, a spiked boot and an elbow drop get used to great efficiency.

After the match, we get a great montage of BTE moments past, taking us from the origins of the channel and the Bullet Club days to All In, culminating with the first year All Elite Wrestling and everything in between. Following that, Matt and Nick drive off saying they don’t know where to go next, but quickly amend that with a reminder that they have one more goal on the agenda. Of course, viewers don’t get to know what that is. Gotta save something for the next one.

You can view the full 20-minute matchup and the rest of BTE in the video embedded below:

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