Tamina Beats Sasha Banks With Help From Lacey Evans, Earns Title Shot Against Bayley


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tamina and Sasha Banks met in the ring tonight on Friday Night SmackDown, and while it looked as if Banks would come away with a win, some interference from Lacey Evans helped Tamina shock the world. With Bayley watching from the side and attempting to interfere at times, Banks had Tamina nearly done, but Lacey Evans came running down to the ring, taking down Bayley and helping Tamina take care of Banks. With the win, Tamina has secured herself a future shot at the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

For a recap on how the match ended, check out below:

Bayley tosses a shirt at Tamina. Tamina says she wears an extra-large, not a small. Tamina tosses the shirt at Banks and lands a few strikes. Tamina tosses Banks all over the ring. Banks rolls out of the ring. After the break, Banks kicks Tamina in the head. Basement dropkick by Banks. Tamina kicks out. Banks tries a slingshot but Tamina counters with a clothesline. Banks falls out of the ring. Bayley distracts Tamina. Banks sends Tamina into the steps. Bayley circles Tamina. Lacey Evans runs down to the ring and attacks Bayley. Tamina Superkicks Banks outside the ring. Tamina sends Banks back into the ring and Superkicks her again for good measure. Tamina pins Banks.

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