Matt Taven Talks Turning Face & The Demise Of The Kingdom

Matt Taven

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR / Zia Hiltey

It’s never easy when a popular wrestling faction disbands. Such was the case for The Kingdom in Ring of Honor when Vincent turned on the former ROH Champion, Matt Taven. Recently, Matt Taven spoke to The Ledger about how he feels being a babyface after so much time spent as a heel, and the legacy of The Kingdom.

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Below are some highlights.

Matt Taven on Turning Face:

“I say things how they are one way or the other. That’s me, that’s always been the case. I felt like I had a legit chip before winning the world title, and now after winning it I can sniff the roses a little. I’m not as angry, but I am as determined. People see you go out there and you give everything of yourself, there’s going to be an appreciation. If people go back and watch any of those matches, they see it meant a lot to me. You can hate someone and they drive you crazy, but if they keep proving you wrong, you begrudgingly become a fan. If that’s the case, just bring your purple shirts along with you.”

Matt Taven on Kingdom Fans and Members Cherishing the Legacy of the Group:

“It’s hard for a group that special to ever die. The Kingdom as it is right now, is the group of fans, that’s my kingdom from here on out. I don’t know if I want to do (another Kingdom faction) right now. It’s not something on the top of my list. The Kingdom lives forever between me and the people.”

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