Carmella Denies Coronavirus Rumor: ‘I’ve Been Healthy Through All Of This’


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Even though WWE marches on through the global pandemic, several of its biggest stars have chosen to stay out of the broadcasts and retreat to quarantine. Two of those are Corey Graves and Carmella. The pair have been reported to be at home since late March. While it was known that they were in quarantine, some rumors floated around that one or both of them was suffering from the illness.

Thanks to a response to a fan on Twitter, we now know that Carmella has not been affected at all.

This means that both the former SmackDown Women’s Champion and Graves are simply staying safe at home. With Jerry Lawler returning to the booth tonight for RAW, it remains to be seen how long they’ll stay put, and what pressure is on them to return to work.

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