Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Retain Tag Belts In WrestleMania 36 Rematch

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

After taking down The Kabuki Warriors at WrestleMania 36, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross promptly had to defend their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships on tonight’s episode of SmackDown. During the episode, in a rematch of the WrestleMania 36 match, Bliss & Cross once again got the upper hand on The Kabuki Warriors, taking them down to mark their first defense of the titles since they won them.

For a recap of how the match ended, check out below:

Cross manages to tag in Bliss. Bliss clears the ring. Bliss misses insult to injury. Sane spears Bliss for a two count. Cross tags back in. Asuka and Bliss hit their doomsday elbow. Asuka puts Cross in an armbar. Cross turns it into a pin. Asuka kicks out and slaps on the Asuka Lock. Bliss breaks up the hold. Bliss DDTs Sane. Bliss tries to pin Sane. Asuka pulls Sane out of the ring. Asuka popup knees Cross. Bliss dives off the top, taking out both Kabuki Warriors. Cross hits her swinging neck breaker for the win.

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