First-Ever WWE Community Impact Report Issued, Stephanie McMahon Comments

stephanie mcmahon

Photo by Pedro Fiúza/NurPhoto via Getty Images

WWE sent out the following letter on behalf of Chief Branding Officer Stephanie McMahon, announcing a new WWE Community Impact Report for 2019.

Dear Partners & Friends,

We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

Over the past few weeks, WWE has been working with the Ad Council and NBCUniversal to support their COVID-19 campaigns focused on public health and safety messages, as well as many of our community partners who continue to deliver critical resources to communities all over the world.

Giving back to the community has been a priority for WWE since our inception. As such, we wanted to take a moment to share with you our first-ever WWE Community Impact Report for 2019. We hope these stories lift your spirits during these uncertain times and bring a smile to your face.

Please click on the photo of WWE Superstar AJ Styles with Wish Kid Michael below to see WWE’s Community Impact Report.

– Steph

The link features a magazine-style guide that lays out WWE’s global impact and community outreach programs. Highlighted in the document are their principals of Inclusion, Empowerment, Service, Hope, Values In Action and other stats on Employee Engagement.

The full guide can be viewed at this link.