AJ Styles On Cinematic Matches: We Shouldn’t Do Them Too Much Or We’ll Ruin It

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

AJ Styles returned from being buried alive to stream video games on Mixer. During it, he talked about his Graveyard Match against the Undertaker, and gave his personal thoughts on cinematic bouts.

Check out highlights below (transcription courtesy of Post Wrestling):

If he’s happy with the match:

I was very pleased with it. I think the majority of wrestling fans, WWErs, everybody was happy with that. For every 100, there’s maybe two or three that didn’t like it. It was different, I understand. Though I’ve heard tonight was also a different match on NXT.

If WWE should double down on these type of matches:

I think as far as cinematic matches go, I think less is more. If we do these all the time, then I think they’re not special. So we gotta watch out with how many matches we do. I think… every now and again, it’s a good thing. As great as it was, I don’t think it’s something we should do a lot because we’ll ruin it. I’m not saying the matches but, it’s special.

If there were any retapes:

Zero, none. It was pretty much straight through. We never did any retapes and there was some cut scenes obviously, where you stop and go but it was just different angles, but if they didn’t have that shot, we didn’t redo it. We just went with what we got.

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