Kofi Kingston Sees ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic As A WrestleMania Attraction

In this week’s episode of The New Day: Feel the Power, The New Day speculate on which celebrities would kill it on the Grandest Stage of Them All. Xavier Woods wants to see a string of matches between WWE’s cruiserweight greats and martial arts legend Jackie Chan. Big E goes with the unconventional pick of Larry David, imagining him in a confrontation with Brock Lesnar.

The trio also discusses Shaq’s WrestleMania ambitions and the potential of LeBron James. When it turns to Kofi Kingston, he picks the man of the moment, Joe Exotic, who stars in Netflix hit Tiger King. He imagines that an old-school cage match between Mr. Exotic and his tiger Carol would bring in the ratings, although he admits that he hasn’t finished the show as of yet. Considering recent events, it might be worth seeing if The Undertaker is available to take on Joe in a battle to see who is the true Tiger King.

For the full clip, which includes Xavier explaining why he enjoys a wrestling trainwreck, check out the YouTube video embedded above.

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