Jerry Lynn & Mikey Whipwreck Hosting A ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’ Watch Party Tonight

Dark Side Of The Ring

Episode four of Dark Side Of The Ring is airing tonight and there is a unique way to watch it with some ECW originals. Both Jerry Lynn and Mikey Whipwreck will be hosting a watch along tonight to give their reaction and thoughts during the episode, which is featuring WWF’s Brawl For All boxing tournament that went down in the summer of 1998. You can join in on the watch party through the VidGo app.

Jerry and Mikey present a one-of-a-kind dynamic on Mike Frelund’s Front Row Material on his weekly podcast and today they happen to have Dark Side Of The Ring producer Evan Husney on the show to share his thoughts on the series and the episode. Check it out below:

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