Backstage News On Goldberg’s WWE Status, Original Plans For His Match With Bray Wyatt

The WWE Universal Championship title picture could have looked a lot different, and we might have seen Goldberg’s last match for a long time.

According to a source speaking with Wrestlezone, the original plan for the winner of the Bray Wyatt vs. Goldberg match at WWE Super Showdown wasn’t always set in stone as some would believe.

We were told that Goldberg going over was a last-minute decision, apparently because Goldberg didn’t want to risk damaging his image. It was noted that Goldberg bargained for creative control and pushed for the title win because “The Fiend” was a monster and the younger fans needed to see him come out victorious, or it would ruin his character.

Goldberg has been open in the past about believing kids saw him as a superhero, and it appears he felt keeping the mystique alive was critical this time around as well. Furthermore, it was explained that Bray eventually agreed to put him over, which might have gained him some more favor with the locker room. As far as when we could see Goldberg back in a WWE ring, that might not happen for a long time, if at all.

WrestleTalk is reporting Goldberg’s final appearance and match under his current deal was for WrestleMania, which is why he dropped the WWE Universal Championship to Braun Strowman on Saturday. It was noted that Goldberg had no intention of adding more dates to his deal, so it was clear that whoever replaced Roman Reigns in the match was leaving with the title. While it looks like Goldberg might not be looking to make any more appearances on his end, our source also noted that the “creative change” in Saudi Arabia might be a reason for WWE not rushing to get him back for more appearances either.

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