WWE WrestleMania 36 Part 1 Results (4/4/20)

WWE WrestleMania 36 Live ResultsWWE WrestleMania 36 Part 1 Results

April 4, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Kickoff Show:

Drew Gulak vs. Cesaro

Gulak takes Cesaro down by the arm. Cesaro escapes but runs into a boot by Gulak. Cesaro catches Gulak with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Gulak kicks out. Cesaro tries the Neutralizer. Gulak escapes and puts Cesaro in an armbar. Cesaro powerbomb his way out of it. Cesaro tries the Neutralizer again. Gulak reverses that into a crossface. Cesaro gets to the ropes. Cesaro rolls to the outside. Gulak lands a flying knee off the apron. Gulak sends Cesaro into the ring post, arm first. Gulak arm drags Cesaro off the apron. Gulak sends Cesaro into the ring steps twice. Cesaro’s arm is in bad shape. Gulak dives off the top. Cesaro surprises Gulak with a European uppercut. Gulak locks in the Gulock. Cesaro counters with a bodyslam. Big boot by Cesaro. Airplane spin by Cesaro. Cesaro pins Gulak.

Winner- Cesaro

Main Card:

Stephanie McMahon delivers a message to the fans thanking them and putting over this WrestleMania as the most unique WrestleMania of all time.

Gronk welcomes us to the show from the bird’s nest. Mojo Rawley joins Gronk and they get hyped.

WWE Women’s Championship Match: The Kabuki Warriors vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Asuka laughs at Bliss. Asuka tags in Sane. Sane pushes Bliss. Bliss slaps Sane. Bliss slams Sane down to the mat. Bliss mocks Sane. Cross tags in and tackles Sane. Asuka attacks Cross from behind.  Bliss gets a blind tag. Bliss hits a baseball slide that sends Sane out of the ring. Cross dives off the apron and takes out Sane. Bliss tries to pin Asuka. Asuka kicks out at two. Cross drops an axehandle on Sane. All four women battle outside of the ring. Asuka and Sane take turn working over Cross. Cross manages to tag in Bliss. Bliss clears the ring. Bliss gets caught in the ropes. Sane crushes Bliss with a double stomp off the top.

Sane drags Bliss to her corner. Asuka tags in and continues the assault. Asuka tries a hip attack. Bliss manages to get her knees up. Cross and Sane tag in. Cross bulldogs Sane. Cross gets a near fall after a top rope crossbody. Sane rakes Cross eyes. Asuka attacks Cross from behind. Cross hits her finish on Asuka. Cross tries to pin Asuka but Sane breaks it up with the InSANE Elbow. Asuka puts Cross in the Asuka Lock. Cross rolls to her stomach. Bliss breaks up Asuka’s hold with Twisted Bliss. Sane spears Bliss. Sane goes up top. Cross cuts Sane off. Asuka and Sane hit a doomsday elbow strike for a near fall. Asuka accidentally runs into the ring post. Cross hits her finisher on Sane. Bliss lands Twisted Bliss for the win.

Winners and NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross!

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